Bobelo Secures Benefit Corporation Certification

Bobelo Secures Benefit Corporation Certification


PROVO, Utah (October 19, 2022) - Bobelo became Benefit Corporation (B Corporation) certified after undergoing an extensive evaluation to identify the company's policy, impact, and activity surrounding governance, community, environment, workers, and customers. As one of only nine B Corporation companies in Utah, Bobelo is committed to using a portion of its revenue to build the community both locally and abroad.

“The beverage we create is amazing and we love growing our company around it. But if it's not doing good then I don't know what the point of all of this is,” says Stephen Colvin, founder of Bobelo. “I think too many entrepreneurs lose sight of asking themselves ‘What am I actually accomplishing in the world?’ And if the answer is just to get lots of money to buy nice cars and houses, then you probably have the wrong goals.”

Bobelo proudly contributes a portion of its sales to its own nonprofit organization and additional nonprofit foundations. With those resources, they have constructed water wells in Africa to provide sustainable and pure drinking water to the locals. They have sponsored Christmas gifts for a variety of families that have adopted children from unstable backgrounds of drug abuse. Additionally, Bobleo has partnered with the Malouf Foundation to help fight the war against sex trafficking—a cause that Bobleo cares deeply to mitigate.

When he heard all the good Bobelo was doing, friend and mentor Davis Smtih, CEO of Coptopaxi, encouraged Bobelo’s founder to get the company B Corporation certified. The certification simply reiterates all the resources and innovation that Bobelo is already dedicating to improve the lives of others.

Bobelo is also committed to creating a more green earth by reducing plastic waste. Their drink packets are made of aluminum foil material with a thin plastic coating. For a 20oz soda, this packaging results in 97% less plastic waste.

Visit to learn more about their mission and giving back.

For media inquiries or to let Bobelo sponsor your next event, please contact Stephen Colvin at

About Bobelo

You’re thirsty, but water is boring and soda makes you jittery—and guilty. You want a drink that is flavorful, fun, and healthy. Bobelo gives you big flavor, big bubbles, and big health benefits in a little packet that gets you energized and feeling great inside and out. Visit to shop our powered soda packets—a portion of your purchase will be donated to nonprofit organizations that build a more sustainable Earth!

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