Sustainable Drink Brand

Sustainable Drink Brand

Sustainable drink brands are hard to come by. It’s no secret that disposable aluminum cans or glass and plastic bottles of your favorite drink typically end up on the side of the road, in the grass, or on the beach. Basically anywhere besides a proper recycling can.

And even when you do your part and toss that empty drink bottle into the recycling bin, oftentimes the bottle never ends up being properly recycled and reused. Recycling companies are struggling. Their goals are appealing, but proper recycling practices are confusing and in some parts of the world, inaccessible or ignored.

Did you know that only 25% or less of recyclable waste in the United States is getting recycled?

Lack of Sustainability in the Beverage Industry

I worked in the beverage industry with a company that made sparkling drinks. During this time, I noticed that many customers wanted to have a better impact on the world, reducing their own carbon footprint. They didn't want to have so much plastic waste nor aluminum cans.

At the time, there wasn't really an alternative option. Whether it's soda or sparkling water—it always came in bottles, right?

We don't really think of it as much of a problem here in America because we don't see it very often—or if we do, it’s just a few cans and bottles here and there. When you look at other countries, you often see all those empty drink bottles stacked up on the streets or beaches, or floating in the middle of the ocean.

So in reality, it's a huge problem. A global problem.

How I Got Involved

I enjoy hiking in the mountains. Whenever I'm out exploring far in the backcountry and I come across a plastic bottle or soda can litter among the beauty of nature, it infuriates me.

Who's the crazy person carrying around all those soda bottles way out into the middle of the woods anyway? That is a lot of extra weight to carry in your pack.

I'm no excessive conservationist. But when I see things like that, I know that we can do more and do better.

So, I sat down and tried to figure out how to create a product that was much more sustainable, healthy, but delicious and fun at the same time.

Moving Towards a Solution

The beverage industry has exploded astronomically over the recent years. But still, most new drinks are still sold in bottles and cans. Packets, however, are starting to make their debut in the industry—products like electrolyte mixes or vitamin C powder.

But none of them truly taste as good as your favorite soda, and they sure don’t have the carbonation to tickle your tastebuds.

Our Sustainable Drink Brand

We set out on a mission to create a delicious, minimal waste, and unique beverage product—and Bobelo was born!

We wanted to create that fizzy carbonation experience that you get from the can or bottle in a small pouch of drink mix powder. The minimal packaging of Bobelo results in 97% less plastic than leading bottles of soda. Because of the small, lightweight nature of the hydration mix, you can easily carry a drink mix in your pack or pocket to enjoy flavorful drinks while hiking or camping. Simply stirring up your favorite flavor with purified crystal-clear lake water in a reusable bottle.

Bobelo also saves space in your fridge or pantry, making it possible to keep a large stock of delicious beverages in your home. Not only do these mixes make great soda and energy drinks—they also blend well in smoothies, cocktails, ice cream floats, Italian sodas, and hot tea. There are a variety of unique drinks you can mix up while keeping your consciousness clean and sustaining the Earth.

Do your part to mitigate the plastic waste of your drinks by sipping on the flavorful bubbles of Bobelo’s sustainable drink brand.

This content was originally shared on the Midnight Founders Podcast in an interview with Bobelo’s CEO and Founder, Stephen Colvin. Listen to the full episode here.

About Bobelo

You’re thirsty, but water is boring, and soda makes you jittery—and guilty. You want a drink that is flavorful, fun and healthy. Bobelo gives you big flavor, big bubbles and big health benefits in a little packet that gets you energized and feeling great inside and out. Visit to shop our powered soda packets—a portion of your purchase will be donated to nonprofit organizations that build a more sustainable Earth!

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