A Bubbly Twist on Healthy Hydration

A Bubbly Twist on Healthy Hydration

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drink a flavorful beverage with smooth bubbles, balanced electrolytes, key vitamins, all with zero sugar or artificial junk?

We were just like you—tired of drinks full of sugar and artificial ingredients that harm us, or at best simply do nothing for our bodies (ahem...talking to you sparkling water). But we wanted something more exciting than tap water to fuel our day and help us stay hydrated, and we know your family wants that, too!

Introducing Bobelo, the first self-carbonating drink with real flavor, no sugar and better hydration. Moms love it for their kids and themselves! Bobelo is perfect for hot summer days, sporting events, children's playtime, or adventures in the great outdoors. The pocket-size packets make it simple to take with you anywhere!

Our customers love this product, and you will too! Keep on reading to learn what makes us different.


Bobelo is a healthy soda from powder! It is like having a soda machine in your pocket. Mix your self-carbonating powder with 12-16 oz of water and watch the bubbles form! There are more bubbles than your bubble bath… okay maybe not quite that many. But seriously! You’ve never seen fizzy carbonation like this before in such a small package.


Most sodas, hydration and energy drinks are full of unhealthy sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. Bobelo is naturally sweetened with water-extracted Stevia and has fruit extracts to provide a healthier alternative while still having indulgent flavors.


Bobelo packets feature unique combinations of flavors you will certainly come to know and love—such as ripe Peach Mango or luscious Lavendar Lemonade (a true fan favorite). Try all of our six flavors and watch for new ones on the regular.


Each Bobelo drink is rich in Vitamins like C, D & B's. These vitamins play an essential role in building and maintaining healthy bodies while also converting food into fuel.

Infused with electrolytes for hydration, or powered by the Brazilian superfruit Guarana for energy, Elderberry from Austria for immunity, or Theanine and GABA to reduce stress, Bobelo drinks will give you the fuel your body needs to carry out your day.

Check out our Natural Energy, Immune Support or Stress Support mixes today so you can have drinks that taste great, but don't leave you feeling sluggish, jittery—or guilty! Bobelo gives you amazing flavor, real carbonation, and big health benefits, in a little packet that makes you feel great inside and out.

You deserve more—drink better and live better with Bobelo. Don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself! Shop now!

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