Hydrating Lavender Lemonade Slush

Hydrating Lavender Lemonade Slush

Hydrating Lavender Lemonade Slush

Lavender and lemonade?! You heard me right!

This healthy and simple lavender lemonade slush is full of vitamins and stress-reducing ingredients to leave you feeling hydrated, refreshed, and relaxed on any day of the week. 

About Lavender Lemonade Ingredients

Lavender is known for its calming and mood benefits. By adding this unique flavor to your lemonade slush, you may experience such benefits throughout your day.

Lemon contains Vitamin C which is famous for all the ways it protects the body, including helping to absorb iron, and strengthen its healing processes for wounds and controlling infections. 


Let's be honest, we could all increase our water intake throughout the day. But sometimes plain old water can get boring. By adding some fun flavors, you'll feel motivated to drink more water throughout the day—which could boost your energy, mental clarity, and overall health. 


This isn't your typical lemonade. By adding some ice to the blend, you get the snowy texture of a slushy that we all know and love! It's also an easy way to cool down on a hot day!


1. In a high-power blender, add ice and 1 cup of water. Blend together well. 

2. While the blender is still mixing, add the remaining water and Bobelo Lavender Lemonade packet. 

3. Once the ice is crushed to your desired fineness, pour mixture into your favorite mug. Sip and enjoy!

Try this simple and healthy lavender lemonade slush to keep you calm, cool, and collected on a hot summer day!

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