Bobelo Sponsors North American Invitational Rugby Tournament

Bobelo Sponsors North American Invitational Rugby Tournament

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - July 23, 2022 Bobelo sponsors Utah’s largest rugby tournament, North American Invitational Sevens. With 148 teams, this tournament gathered thousands of attendees and players aged 12 to 23 from over 30 states and countries all over the world, including Guam, Tonga, Samoa, and more.

On the sidelines, Bobelo served hydrating ice cream floats using frozen fruit, ice cream, and the customer’s choice of Bobelo’s patented hydration formulas and delicious flavors. They were a huge hit among the crowd, selling over 3,000 drinks, on a 101° July weekend. Customers loved it and could be spotted returning to the Bobelo stand multiple times throughout the tournament to buy more! With a product geared toward supporting a healthy lifestyle, Bobelo’s debut at this sporting event received plenty of positive feedback from athletes, coaches, and their families.

“We don’t like our team to drink Gatorade because of all the sugar and artificial stuff it contains. Bobelo is perfect because it has balanced electrolytes and natural sweeteners in place of sugar to keep our athletes fueled during their games––especially in this summer heat!” said one coach, who also recognized that Bobelo’s flavor and hydration benefits outperformed the typical electrolyte drinks their team consumed.

There is a stigma in the sports industry surrounding carbonation and its negative impact on athletic performance. Saima Lodhi, MD, says, “While soda and other carbonated drinks have been associated with negative health effects, carbonation is not harmful in and of itself.” Rather, excess sugar, artificial ingredients contribute to subpar performance despite the hype marketing of national hydration brands. Because Bobelo is sweetened with water-extracted Stevia, it proves to be a perfect solution for fun, flavor, and hydration for athletes to go along with its patented bubbles which speed up the electrolyte absorption process to optimally hydrate without all the typical junk ingredients.

Founder of Bobelo, Stephen Colvin shared, “We are tightly connected to the rugby community having sponsored the Utah Warriors, the professional rugby franchise in Utah. It is a huge honor to help sponsor this event and other sports events like it to bring young athletes together and provide a source of hydration for them to perform at their highest level.”

Preceding the championship game, Bobelo fueled several teams with free samples of their stress reducing hydration formula. Combining great play with Bobelo’s superior hydrating benefits led to victory and the championship title for those using Bobelo. Visit to shop delicious flavors for your team.

For media inquiries or to let Bobelo sponsor your next event, please contact Stephen Colvin at

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